In Asia, they believe that green tea should always be enjoyed out of glass. Why? Because then you are able to see its beauty, and that’s half the pleasure of drinking it. When I first heard this, it really resonated with me, so I started searching for the perfect bottle to give me that experience.


I travel a lot, so I needed something quick and practical that could replace all those bottles floating around my flat. I also wanted to be able to get creative with my drinks. Basically, I wanted a bottle that would be amazing to drink out of, everywhere I went, no matter what was in it.


So I partnered up with a good friend and fellow drink lover and we got to work. Beyond tea, we wanted to create a bottle that would do justice to all the drinks we love: fruit infusions, coffee and just about anything else we could think of (even beer!). We both have Scandinavian roots, so a simple, beautiful design was very important—this meant clean materials like glass, wood and steel. It also had to hold temperature well and be comfortable to drink out of.


After experimenting with various designs on our friends, family and colleagues (thanks everyone!), we worked together with our manufacturer to create the perfect experience. Say hello to GoodGlass. It’s so much more than we ever hoped for and we are so happy to share it with you.

Johan & the GoodGlass team

Meet our people

Johan Nilsson
Kyle Kristoffersen